Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 11:50 PM

Lucas Gabriel Di Yorio

Date of Birth: 22/11/96
City of Birth: Mar del Plata (BUE)
Position: Forward

ChampionshipCntry.Team# Apps.GoalsSt.
Liga Profesional Cup 2020Aldosivi (MDP) 17 70
Superleague 2019/20Aldosivi (MDP) ? Didn't play
Superleague 2019/20Liga D. Univ. Portoviejo ?  
Superleague 2018/19Liga D. Univ. Portoviejo ?  
Superleague 2018/19Aldosivi (MDP) 27 Reserve
Superleague 2017/18Aldosivi (MDP) N/A 00
Superleague 2017/18Aldosivi (MDP) ? Didn't play
2016/17 TournamentAldosivi (MDP) 27 Only Cup
2016/17 TournamentAldosivi (MDP) 27 Reserve
Transition 2016Aldosivi (MDP) 27 20
Transition 2016Aldosivi (MDP) ? Reserve
Transition 2016Kimberley (Mar del Plata) ? Injured
Transition 2016Kimberley (Mar del Plata) N/A Only Cup