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Thursday, July 24, 2014 1:30 am
Scores on line - Live TV:

Libertadores Cup: San Lorenzo put one foot in the final

Jun 23. In the first leg of semifinals, San Lorenzo hammered Bolívar 5-0 at 'New Gasometre' stadium with a header from Matos (6), two headers from Más (28, 87), and goals from Mercier (70) and Buffarini (74). Goals. Second leg takes place in La Paz on Wednesday 30.

South American Cup Winners Cup: Lanús runners-up

Jul 23. In the second leg of South American Cup Winners Cup 2014, Lanús won 3-2 against Atlético Mineiro in Belo Horizonte and forced extra time. But then, they scored two own goals and lost the Cup. Diego Tardelli opened the scoring from a penalty (7) for home team. 'Garnets' turned the game around with goals from Ayala (9) and Silva (26). Maicosuel scored the equaliser for 'Galo' (38) and Acosta forced extra time in final minute (94). In extra time, Gómez (103) and Ayala (112) scored own goals. Goals.

Jul 16. In the first leg, Lanús (champions of South American Cup 2013) lost 1-0 to Atlético Mineiro (champions of Libertadores Cup 2013) at the 'Fortress' with goal from Diego Tardelli at 66th minute.

Argentina Cup 2013/14: San Lorenzo to eighth-finals

Jul 17. The important rounds of Argentina Cup 2013/14 started today with all First Division teams. There are 32 teams: 20 from First A, 10 from National B (2nd level), 1 from First B (third level) and 1 from Argentine A (also third level) (levels from first half of 2014). San Lorenzo beat Almirante Brown 2-0.

Champions qualify for Libertadores Cup 2015 and for Argentine Super Cup against River (champions of Super Final 2013/14).

Argentina to the final on penalties

Jul 9. In semifinals, Argentina drew 0-0 with Netherlands in Brasilia and won 4-2 on penalties. Romero saved first shot to Vlaar and third one to Sneijder. Robben and Kuyt scored for Netherlands. Argentina scored all four shots: Messi, Garay, Agüero and Maxi Rodríguez. Shoot-out. Argentina lined up: Romero; Zabaleta, Demichelis, Garay, Rojo; Biglia, Mascherano, E.Pérez (81 Palacio); Higuaín (81 Agüero), Messi, Lavezzi (101 Maxi Rodríguez). Argentina played an almost perfect defensive game. Attack was not so spicy. In the lottery, we could celebrate. In the final, Argentina face Germany on Sunday at 4 pm at the Maracaná stadium.

Jul 1. In eighth-finals,Argentina beat Switzerland 1-0 in São Paulo with goal from Di María at 118th minute. Goal. Argentina lined up: Romero; Zabaleta, F.Fernández, Garay, Rojo (105 Basanta); Gago (106 Biglia), Mascherano, Di María; Lavezzi (74 Palacio), Messi, Higuaín. Suiza bet on penalties and Argentina looked for the goal all the game, specially in both second halves, but with lack of creativity in the attacking. Messi found Di María in final minutes and the Swiss resistance came to an end.

Jun 25. In the third game of Group F, Argentina won 3-2 against Nigeria in Porto Alegre with two goals from Messi (3, 46+ -free kick-) and one from Rojo (50). Musa scored two equalisers (4, 47). Goals. Argentina lined up: Romero; Zabaleta, F.Fernández, Garay, Rojo; Gago, Mascherano, Di María; Messi (63 R.Álvarez), Higuaín (91 Biglia), Kun Agüero (38 Lavezzi). It was a game like we expected before WC. Argentina with a good attack and a poor defense, but scoring once more than rivals. If Messi is on, there's a team. Agüero got injured and won't play at least in next two games.

Argentina won Group F with 9 points followed by Nigeria with 4.

Jun 21. In the second game, Argentina beat Iran 1-0 in Belo Horizonte with goal from Messi at 91st minute. Argentina lined up: Romero; Zabaleta, F.Fernández, Garay, Rojo; Gago, Mascherano, Di María (94 Biglia); Messi, Higuaín (77 Palacio), Kun Agüero (77 Lavezzi). Irán defended well and Argentina had no ideas to open their defense. They were getting a deserved draw but we have Messi, who could build a half-metre gap in the closed defense and gave the ticket to next round to Argentina.

Jun 15. In the first game, Argentina beat Bosnia 2-1 at Maracaná stadium with an own goal from Kolasinac (3) and one goal from Messi (65). Ibisevic closed the gap for Bosnia (84). Goals. Argentina lined up: Romero; Zabaleta, Campagnaro (ST Gago), F.Fernández, Garay, Rojo; Maxi Rodríguez (ST Higuaín), Mascherano, Di María; Messi, Kun Agüero (87 Biglia). Despite the early advantage, Argentina never were comfortabe with the 5-3-2 system. After substitutions in halftime, there was a change in the attitude and Messi came back to game.

Jun 2. Sabella announced the final 23-players list for World Cup Brazil 2014: 1-Romero (MON-FRA), 2-Garay (BEN-POR), 3-Campagnaro (INT-ITA), 4-Zabaleta (MCI-ENG), 5-Gago (BOC), 6-Biglia (LAZ-ITA), 7-Di María (RMA-SPA), 8-Enzo Pérez (BEN-POR), 9-Higuaín (NAP-ITA), 10-Messi (BAR-SPA), 11-Maxi Rodríguez (NEW), 12-Orión (BOC), 13-Augusto Fernández (CEL-SPA), 14-Mascherano (BAR-SPA), 15-Demichelis (MCI-ENG), 16-Rojo (SPL-POR), 17-F.Fernández (NAP-ITA), 18-Palacio (INT-ITA), 19-Ricky Álvarez (INT-ITA), 20-Agüero (MCI-ENG), 21-Andújar (CAT-ITA), 22-Lavezzi (PSG-FRA), 23-Basanta (MON-MEX). Out: Otamendi (AMI-BRA), Banega (NEW), Sosa (AMA-SPA), Lisandro López (GET-SPA), Mercado (RIV); Rinaudo (CAT-ITA); Di Santo (WBR-GER).

Independiente clinch third promotion

Jun 11. Independiente won 2-0 against Huracán in La Plata in the tie-breaker for the third promotion.

May 15. Defensa y Justicia and Banfield took more than 12 points in the standings clear of 4th placed with only four weeks left and clinched a berth in First Division for Transition 2014.

Victory in last friendly before World Cup

Jun 7. In the last friendly before World Cup, Argentina beat Slovenia 2-0 in La Plata with goals from Ricky Álvarez (12) and Messi (76). Goals. Argentina lined up: Romero; F.Fernández, Mascherano (77 Mammana), Basanta, Rojo; Maxi Rodríguez (57 Di María), A.Fernández (57 Gago), Biglia (14 Campagnaro), E.Pérez; R.Álvarez (57 Messi), Lavezzi (57 Agüero).

Jun 4. In the next-to-last friendly before World Cup, Argentina hammered Trinidad & Tobago 3-0 at the Monumental stadium with a header from Palacio (46+) and goals from Mascherano (50) and Maxi Rodríguez (64). Goals. Argentina lined up: Romero; Campagnaro, Fernandez, Demichelis (46 Basanta), Rojo; Gago (46 Biglia), Mascherano (70 R.Álvarez), Di María (63 E.Pérez); Messi, Lavezzi (56 Maxi Rodríguez), Palacio (76 A.Fernández). It was a game to say good-bye to local fans.

Now it's time for World Cup. Argentina will begin on Sunday 15, 7pm against Bosnia in Rio de Janeiro in Group F. Next confirmed friendlies: October 11 against Brazil in Beijing and Oct 14 against Hong Kong in Hong Kong.

Transition 2014 starts on August 1

Jun 3. The schedule of Transition Championship 2014 was announced today. In 2015, season will take place from February to December and there will be 30 teams in First Division.

There won't be relegations in Transition 2014, but averages system won't be eliminated, so, points from this tournament will count to define relegations in 2015 season. Champions qualify for Libertadores 2015.

In week 1, River visit Gimnasia, Boca host Newell's, Racing visit Defensa y Justicia and San Lorenzo host Olimpo. Derbies: River - Boca in week 10, Estudiantes - Gimnasia in week 8, Lanús - Banfield in week 7 and Central - Newell's in week 12.

River winners of the Super Final

May 24. In the Super Final of season 2013/14, River won 1-0 against San Lorenzo in San Luis with a header from Pezzella at 73rd minute.

River qualified for South American Cup 2014 and Super Cup where they will face winners of Argentina Cup 2014 on December 7.

At.Rafaela stay; Colón relegated

May 24. In Relegation Tie-Breaker of the Final 2013/14, At.Rafaela beat Colón 1-0 in Arroyito with a header from Depetris at 57th minute.

Colón will play in National B during next season with Argentinos Jrs and All Boys. Their places will be occupied by Banfield, Defensa y Justicia and Independiente.

South American Cup 2014 is drawn

May 20. South American Cup 2014 was drawn. In inicial round, all teams, except Argentine and Brazilian ones, take part. Argentine teams start in round of 16 in September. Derby of La Plata at the 'Forest' on Tuesday 2, River visit Godoy Cruz on Wednesday 3 and Boca visit Rosario Central on Thursday 4. Lanús start in eighth-finals.

Seven teams qualify for South American Cup 2014: Lanús (champions of 2013 edition), River (winners of SuperFinal), and best five of overall standings, excluding teams which played Libertadores Cup 2014 and the first two qualified for Libertadores 2015 (River and Vélez): Boca ended at the top with 61, followed by Estudiantes with 59, Gimnasia with 57, Godoy Cruz 56 and Rosario Central 54. Out: Olimpo with 50 and Belgrano 49.

River and Vélez to Libertadores Cup 2015

May 19. Five teams qualify for Libertadores Cup 2015. 1) River (Champions of Final 2013/14), 2) Champions of Transition 2014. 3) Vélez (Best of overall standings 2013/14). 4) Champions of Argentina Cup. 5) Best placed in South American Cup 2014.

Vélez were the best of overall standings. Boca were the runners-up and will qualify if River or Vélez win Transition 2014.

River champions

May 18. In week 19 of the Final 2013/14, River hammered Quilmes 5-0 at the Monumental stadium with two goals from Cavenaghi (10, 71), a header from Mercado (25), and one goal from Ledesma (63) and Teo Gutiérrez (90). Goals. River won their 35th championship and qualified for Libertadores Cup 2015.

Estudiantes lost 2-1 to Tigre in Victoria. They were winning with goal from Carrillo (24) but 'Matador' turned the scoring around with goals from Itabel (43) and Godoy (48). Goals.

Gimnasia lost 1-0 to Boca at the 'Forest' with goal from Acosta at 13th minute.

Lanús and Newell's drew 1-1 at the 'Fortress'. Ayala opened the scoring for 'Garnets' (26) and Castro scored the equaliser for the 'Leprosy' (50). Goals.

River, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 37 points, followed by Boca, Estudiantes and Godoy Cruz with 32 and Gimnasia with 31.

You can see the complete schedule, the best transfers report, the relegation standings and the new squads. We have a section for the new jerseys and you can see the line-ups.

Follow the scores on line.

Argentine Supercup: Vélez champions

Jan 31. Second edition of the Argentine Supercup took place in San Luis between Vélez (champions of Season 2012/13) and Arsenal (champions of Argentina Cup 2012/13).

Vélez beat Arsenal 1-0 with goal from Canteros at 60th minute.

San Lorenzo champions

Dec 15. In week 19 of the Initial 2013/14, San Lorenzo drew 0-0 with Vélez in Liniers, won the Initial 2013/14 and qualified for Libertadores Cup 2014. Box score.

Newell's and Lanús drew 2-2 at Marcelo Bielsa stadium. The 'Leprosy' went ahead twice with one goal from Pérez (52) and an own goal from Izquierdoz (67). 'Garnets' managed to draw twice with headers from Goltz (55) and Pereyra Díaz (74). Goals. If any of them had won, they would have played a final game against San Lorenzo, but no one won.

San Lorenzo, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 33 points followed by Lanús, Vélez and Newell's with 31, Arsenal with 30 and Belgrano, Boca and At.Rafaela with 29. Final 2013/14 championship will begin on Friday. February 7.

You can see the complete schedule, the best transfers report, the relegation standings and the new squads. We have a section for the new jerseys and you can see the line-ups.

Follow the scores on line.

South American Cup 2013: Lanús champions

Dec 11. In the second leg of the finals, Lanús beat Ponte Preta 2-0 at the 'Fortress' with goals from Ayala (25) and Blanco (48+). Goals. Lanús are the champions and will play Libertadores 2014, South American Cup Winners Cup and Suruga Cup.

Dec 4. In the first leg, Lanús drew 1-1 with Ponte Preta at Pacaembu stadium. They went ahead with a free kick from Goltz (57) but the Brazilian team managed to draw with a free kick from Felipe Bastos (78). Goals.

Libertadores Cup 2013: Newell's out on penalties

Jul 10. In the second leg of semifinals, Newell's lost 2-0 to At.Mineiro at Independência stadium in Belo Horizonte with goals from Bernard (3) and Guilherme (85). Goals. Then, they lost 3-2 in the shoot-out. Alecsandro (1st), Guilherme (2nd) and Ronaldinho (5th) scored for 'Galo'. Jô (3rd) and Richarlyson (4th) missed. Scocco (1st) and Vergini (2nd) scored for the 'Leprosy'. Casco (3rd) and Cruzado (4th) missed and goalkeeper saved the penalty shot by Maxi Rodríguez (5th). At.Mineiro play the final against Olimpia.

Jul 3. In the first leg, Newell's beat Atletico Mineiro 2-0 at Marcelo Bielsa stadium with a header from Maxi Rodríguez (62) and a free kick from Scocco (81). Goals.

Five teams qualify for Libertadores Cup 2014: 1st) Vélez (champions of "Super Final" 2012/13), 2nd) Newell's (champions of Final 2012/13), 3rd) San Lorenzo (champions of Initial 2013/14), 4th) Arsenal (champions of Argentina Cup 2012/13) and 5th) Lanús (best placed in South American 2013).

"Super Final": Vélez champions

Jun 29. The "Super Final" between champions of 2012/13 Initial and Final tournaments took place in Mendoza. Vélez beat Newell's 1-0 with goal from Pratto at 9th minute. Newell's had the chance to tie but Sosa saved a penalty shot by Scocco (31). Vélez qualified for South American Cup 2013, Argentine Supercup 2012/13 and Libertadores 2014.

AFA considered this as an official tournament so they added a championship to Vélez. We think that 1 or 2 games tournaments don't deserve such an honour, they are just made to inflate records. Vélez had been awarded the star after winning Initial 2012 and this game is not enough to receive another one.

Initial tournament 2013/14 start on Friday, August 2.

Newell's champions

Jun 19. The suspended game of week 17 of the Final 2012/13 was completed today and scoring didn't change. Estudiantes beat Lanús 2-0 with the goals from Desábato and Zapata on Monday 10. Goals. Lanús lost the last chance and Newell's are the champions and qualified for Libertadores Cup 2014.

Newell's, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 38 points followed by River with 35, Lanús with 33, San Lorenzo with 32, Quilmes 31 and Racing, Godoy Cruz and Arsenal 29. Initial 2013/14 start on Friday, August 2.

You can see the complete schedule, the best transfers report, the relegation standings and the new squads. We have a section for the new jerseys and you can see the line-ups.

Follow the scores on line.

Rosario Central, Gimnasia LP and Olimpo to First Division

Jun 2. In week 36 of National B 2012/13, Sarmiento couldn't win so Olimpo clinched the last promotion to first division.

Rosario Central, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 74 points, followed by Gimnasia LP with 73, Olimpo with 66 and Banfield and Sarmiento 58. First three were directly promoted to First Division.

May 28. In week 35, Gimnasia LP beat Instituto 2-0 and clinched the second promotion to First Division.

May 19. In week 34, Rosario Central hammered Gimnasia de Jujuy 3-0 and came back to First Division.

South American U-17: Argentina champions

Apr 28. In the last game of final round of the South American U-17 Championship in Argentina, Argentina drew 2-2 with Venezuela in San Luis. They were losing with goal from Ponce (17). They turned the scoring around with two goals from Suárez (20, 73). 'Red Wine' team managed to draw with goal from Peña (90). Goals.

Argentina (champions), Venezuela and Brazil ended the Final Round with 9 points followed by Uruguay with 8. All four qualified for the U17 World Cup in Dubai.

Mar 23. U-17 National Team coach, Humberto Grondona, called up 23 players: 1-Augusto Batalla (RIV), 2-Emnanuel Mammana (RIV), 3-Nicolás Pinto (BOC), 4-Nicolás Tripichio (VEL), 5-Germán Ferreyra (VEL), 6-Leandro Vega (RIV), 7-Jonathan Cañete (IND), 8-Marcelo Storm (VEL), 9-Sebastián Driussi (RIV), 10-Leonardo Suárez (BOC), 11-Marcos Aztina (LAN), 12-Axel Werner (RAF), 13-Fabricio Bustos (IND), 14-Lucio Compagnucci (VEL), 15-Rodrigo Moreyra (IND), 16-Dante Morán Correa (RIV), 17-Mauricio Del Castillo -Kun Agüero's brother- (IND), 18-Iván Leszczuk (BOC), 19-Franco Pérez (NEW), 20-Matías Sánchez (CHA), 21-Joaquín Ibáñez (LAN), 22-Matías Romero (BOC), 23-Fernando Benvenutti (ARS).

South American U-20: Argentina eliminated in first round

Jan 17. In the last game of first round of South American U-20, Argentina beat Colombia 3-2 in Mendoza in a match just played to complete the schedule -Argentina were eliminated before playing-. Alan Ruiz -penalty- (14), Iturbe -header- (47) and Allione (70) scored for Argentina. Perea -header- (51) and Quintero -free kick- (74) closed the gap for Colombia. Goals. Chile won the group with 12 points followed by Colombia and Paraguay with 6. Argentina ended at the fourth place with 4 points. Best three of each group qualified to final round. Best four of final round qualify for Youth World Cup in Turkey.

Jan 3. Luque got injured and keeper Musso was called up instead. (Conmebol required 3 keepers in the squad).
Dec 28. U-20 National Team coach, Marcelo Trobbiani, called up 22 players: 1-Walter Benítez (QUI), 2-Lisandro Magallán (BOC), 3-Carlos Ruiz (RIV), 4-Alan Aguirre (BOC), 5-Matías Kranevitter (RIV), 6-Jonathan Valle (NEW), 7-Juan Iturbe (POR-POR), 8-Lucas Romero (VEL), 9-Luciano Vietto (RAC), 10-Alan Ruiz (SLO), 11-Ricardo Centurión (RAC), 12-Andrés Mehring (COL), 13-Lautaro Giannetti (VEL), 14-Lucas Rodríguez (ARG), 15-Agustín Allione (VEL), 16-Marcos Fernández (COL), 17-Manuel Lanzini (RIV), 18-Federico Cartabia (VLM-SPA), 19-Juan Ignacio Cavallaro (UNI), 20-Lucas Melano (BEL), 21-Eros Medaglia (VEL), 22-Juan Musso (RAC) -Luque got injured-.

South American Cup: Tigre abandon the game in halftime

Dec 12. In the second leg of the final, Tigre were losing 2-0 to São Paulo at Morumbi stadium with goals from Lucas (23) and Osvaldo (28). Tigre players said they had been beaten by home team security men during halftime and never came back to play second half. Conmebol authorities gave the Cup to São Paulo. Goals.

Dec 5. In the first leg, Tigre drew 0-0 with São Paulo at the 'Chocolate Box' stadium (Tigre stadium's capacity is less than 40000, the minimum required for a final). Box score.

Vélez champions

Dic 2. In week 18 of the Initial 2012/13, Vélez beat Unión 2-0 in Liniers with goals from 'Chucky' Ferreyra (48 -header-, 84), won their ninth title in First Division and qualified for Libertadores Cup 2013. Goals.

Vélez, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 41 points followed by Newell's and Belgrano with 36, Lanús with 34, Racing and Boca with 33, Arsenal with 31 and River with 29.

"Local" National Team: Argentina win in 90' but lose on penalties

Nov 21. In the second leg of "Superclásico de las Américas" Argentina beat Brazil 2-1 at the 'Chocolate Box' stadium, but lost 4-3 in the penalties shoot-out. Scocco scored twice (82 -penalty- and 90). Fred had scored the equaliser for Brazil (84). Goals. In the shoot-out, Argentina missed first two: Burrito Martínez got his shot saved and Montillo shot over the crossbar. Then, Domínguez, Scocco and Orión scored. For Brasil: Thiago Neves, Jean, Fred and Neymar scored. Orión saved third shot to Carlinhos. Argentina lined up: Orión; L.López, S.Domínguez, Desabato; Peruzzi, Cerro (88 Ahumada), Guiñazú, Vangioni; Montillo; J.M.Martínez, Barcos (69 Scocco).

Nov 20. Clemente Rodríguez and Braña are out because of injuries and Sabella added Ponzio (RIV).
Nov 19. Sabella called up 22 players: Orión (BOC), Ustari (BOC); Peruzzi (VEL), L.López (ARS), S.Domínguez (VEL), Desábato (EST), Vergini (NEW), Caire (COL), Clemente Rodríguez (BOC), Vangioni (NEW); Braña (EST), Guiñazú (INT-BRA), Ahumada (ABO), Cerro (VEL), Bella (VEL), Pablo Pérez (NEW), Mugni (COL), Montillo (CRU-BRA); Scocco (NEW), J.M.Martínez (COR-BRA), Barcos (PAL-BRA), Gigliotti (COL). Only players of Argentine and Brazilian championships can be called up.

Oct 3. Second leg of "Superclásico de las Américas" in Resistencia, Chaco, was suspended before kick off because of lack of energy with both teams in the field.

Sep 19. In the first leg of "Superclásico de las Américas", Argentina lost 2-1 to Brazil in Goiania. They went ahead with goal from 'Burrito -Little Donkey-' Martínez (20) but Brazil turned the scoring around with a header from Paulinho -offside- (26) and a penalty from Neymar (94). Goals. Argentina lined up: Ustari; Peruzzi, L.López (73 Vergini), Domínguez, Desábato, C.Rodríguez; Maxi Rodríguez, Braña, Guiñazú; J.M.Martinez (87 Somoza), Barcos (76 Funes Mori).

Argentina Cup 2011/12: Boca champions

Aug 8. In the final match, Boca beat Racing 2-1 at Bicentenary stadium in San Juan with goals from Silva (21) and Viatri (62). Viola closed the gap for the 'Academy' (68). Goals. Boca qualified for South American Cup.

Jun 3. In semifinals, Boca drew 1-1 with Deportivo Merlo (58 Riquelme; 90 Friedrich) and Racing and River drew 0-0. Boca and Racing won 5-4 on penalties. Final match will be held in San Juan on August 8. It's only one leg and after a draw they shoot penalties immediately, no extra-time. Most of the teams play with substitutes and people is not very interested yet (except for Boca and River when they play in the provinces).

May 2. Eighth-finals ended today.There are 4 teams from First A and 4 from National B now.

Mar 29. Round of 16 ended today. There are 8 teams from First A, 5 from National B, 2 from First B (3rd level) and 1 from Argentino B (4th level).

Feb 29. Round of 32 of final phase ended. There are 32 teams left: 14 from First A, 10 from National B, 3 from First B (3rd level), 1 from Argentine A (3rd level), 2 from First C (4th level) and 2 from Argentine B (4th level).

Oct 12. Tonight, Preliminary round was finished. There are 24 winners that will join First A and National B teams in round of 32 of final phase. There are 7 teams from First B (3rd level), 5 from Argentine A (3rd level), 5 from First C (4th level), 6 from Argentine B (4th level) and 1 from First D (5th level).

Sep 7. Preliminary round of Argentina Cup is being held during September. Argentina Cup (Copa Argentina) is a new official tournament similar to Spanish Copa del Rey or English F.A.Cup. 146 teams take part of the Preliminary round: all teams from First B, First C, First D, Argentine A and Argentine B, plus two teams from provinces which don't have any team in those levels. 24 of those 146 teams will join 20 First Division teams and 20 National B teams to make a 64-teams draw. By the end of the year, only 32 teams will survive. Final match was scheduled for the week around May 25, 2012 but there were such a disorganization that it won't be possible.

Libertadores Cup 2012: Boca runners-up

Jul 4. In the second leg of the final, Boca lost 2-0 to Corinthians at Pacaembu stadium with two goals from Emerson (53, 72). Goals. The Brazilian team were the champions and will play the Club World Cup in Japan.

Jun 27. In the first leg, Boca drew 1-1 with Corinthians at the 'Chocolate Box' stadium. They were winning with goal from Roncaglia (73) but Romarinho scored the equaliser for the Brazilian team. Goals.

Arsenal champions for the first time

Jun 24. In week 19 of the Closing 2011/12, Arsenal beat Belgrano 1-0 at Julio Grondona stadium with goal from Lisandro López at 28th minute.

Tigre drew 2-2 with Independiente in Victoria. They were winning with goal from 'Chino -Chinese' Luna (21). 'Red Devils' turned the scoring around with two goals from 'Patito -Little Duck-' Rodríguez (50, 55). 'Cachete -Cheek-' Morales scored the equaliser from a penalty for the 'Matador' (81). Goals. Tigre were the runners-up and avoided the relegation play-offs.

Boca lost 3-1 to All Boys in Floresta with a hat trick from Perea (14, 40, 53). Sauro closed the gap for 'Xeneizes' (90). Goals.

Arsenal, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 38 points followed by Tigre with 36, Vélez, Boca and All Boys with 33 and Newell's with 32. Next championship will start on Friday, August 3.

You can see the complete schedule, the best transfers report, the relegation standings and the new squads. We have a section for the new jerseys and you can see the line-ups.

Follow the scores on line.

New section: Argentine players abroad

Apr 9. We added Chile to the list.

Mar 12. We added the new section Argentine players abroad. It includes Argentine players who play in the most important First Divisions of the world and Argentine and foreign players who played in First A in our country.
We started with nine leagues and we accept and thank information for other leagues.

Boca unbeaten champions

Dec 11, 2011. In week 19 of the Opening 2011/12, Boca won 1-0 against All Boys at the 'Chocolate Box' stadium with a header from Cvitanich at 78th minute.

Belgrano beat Arsenal 1-0 in Córdoba with goal from Vázquez at 14th minute.

Argentinos Jrs beat Olimpo 1-0 at Diego Maradona stadium with goal from Nagüel at 63rd minute.

Estudiantes won 2-0 against Unión in La Plata with a header from Boselli (47+) and one goal from Cellay (78). Goals.

Boca, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 43 points followed by Racing, Vélez, Belgrano and Colón with 31, Lanús with 29 and Tigre and Independiente with 27.

World Cup U-20: Argentina out on penalties

Aug 13, 2011. In quarter-finals of U-20 World Cup in Colombia, Argentina drew 0-0 with Portugal in Cartegena and lost 5-4 in the penalties shoot-out. Shoot-out and lineups. Andrada had saved two shots and Lamela, Iturbe and Nervo had scored. Argentina were winning 3-1 and had two chances of qualifying but González Pires crashed the crossbar and Mika saved Alan Ruiz' shot. Vuletich scored sixth shot and Mika saved the last shot to Tagliafico.

Aug 9. In eighth-finals, Argentina won 2-1 against Egypt in Medellín with two penalties from Lamela (42, 64). Salah closed the gap for Egypt (70), also from a penalty. Goals and lineups.

Jul 22. U-20 National Team coach, Walter Perazzo, called up 21 players for the Youth World Cup in Colombia: 1-Esteban Andrada (LAN), 2-Germán Pezzela (RIV), 3-Nicolás Tagliafico (BAN), 4-Hugo Nervo (ARS), 5-Ezequiel Cirigliano (RIV), 6-Leonel Galeano (IND), 7-Matías Laba (ARG), 8-Roberto Pereyra (RIV), 9-Facundo Ferreyra (BAN), 10-Erik Lamela (ROM-ITA), 11-Juan Iturbe (CPO-PAR), 12-Emiliano Rey (RIV), 13-Lucas Kruspzky (IND), 14-Adrián Martínez (SLO), 15-Alan Ruiz (GIM), 16-Lucas Villafáñez (HUR), 17-Rodrigo Battaglia (HUR), 18-Leandro González Pires (RIV), 19-Agustín Vuletich (VEL), 20-Martín Luque (COL), 21-Damían Martínez (ARS-ENG).

Suruga Bank Cup: Independiente runners-up on penalties

Aug 3, 2011. In Suruga Bank Cup 2011, Independiente (champions of South American Cup 2010) drew 2-2 with Jubilo Iwata (champions of Japanese Cup) but lost 4-2 in the penalties shoot out. They were losing with an own goal from Battión (10). They turned the game around with goals from Tuzzio (33) and Parra (48). Arata scored the equaliser for the Japanese team (58). In the shoot-out, Japanese keeper saved the second shot to Pellerano and the third one to Báez. Núñez and Parra scored the other two. Nasu missed third shot for Jubilo and other four were scored. Goals, shoot-out and lineups.

The cup is not important at all but winners count it as a new international title.

As champions of South American Cup 2010, Independiente will play South American Cup Winners Cup 2011 against Inter de Porto Alegre (champions of Libertadores Cup 2010). First leg takes place in Avellaneda on Wednesday 10 and second leg in Brazil on Wednesday 24.

World Cup U-17: Argentina eliminated by penalties

Jun 30, 2011. In eighth-finals of U-17 World Cup in Mexico, Argentina drew 1-1 with England in Pachuca but lost 4-2 in the penalties shoot-out. Padilla opened the scoring for our National Team (12) and Sterling scored the equaliser for the English team (40). Goals and lineups. In the shoot-out, Ocampos and Pugh scored first two shots, but then, English keeper saved two shots kicked by Iñíguez and Allione.

The squad is: 1-Bruno Galván (BOC), 2-Edgardo Báez (RAC), 3-Marcos Pinto (LAN), 4-Enzo Beloso (NEW), 5-Gaspar Iñíguez (ARG), 6-Facundo Cardozo (VEL), 7-Lucas Ocampos (RIV), 8-Matías Montero (RIV), 9-Lucas Vera Piris (LAN), 10-Brian Ferreira (VEL), 11-Jorge Valdez (LAN), 12-Nicolás Sequeira (LAN), 13-Maximiliano Padilla (BOC), 14-Alexis Zárate (IND), 15-Pablo Carreras (RIV), 16-Jonathan Silva (EST), 17-Agustín Allione (VEL), 18-Lucas Pugh (RIV), 19-Juan Rodríguez (RIV), 20-Martín Benítez (IND), 21-Nicolás Carrasco (RIV).

Vélez celebrate the championship

Jun 19, 2011. In week 19 of the Closing 2011, Vélez beat Racing 2-1 in Liniers. They were losing with goal from Hauche (10) but they turned the game around with goals from Zapata (16) and Augusto Fernández (19). Goals and celebration. Vélez celebrated the eighth title in their history.

Vélez, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 39 points followed by Lanús with 35, Godoy Cruz with 34, Olimpo and Argentinos Jrs with 30, Independiente with 29, Boca with 28 and Banfield with 27. On Wednesday, there are two games: the Huracán-Gimnasia tie-break and the first leg of the relegation play-offs between Belgrano-River. Opening 2011/12 start on August 5.

You can see the complete schedule, the best transfers report, the relegation standings and the new squads. We have the new section Jerseys and line-ups.

Follow the scores on line.

Estudiantes champions

Dec 12, 2010. In week 19 of the Opening 2010, Estudiantes beat Arsenal 2-0 at Centenary Stadium and became champions. Rodrigo López scored both goals from headers (74, 88). Goals.

Vélez won 2-0 against Racing in Avellaneda with a very nice goal from 'Burrito -Little Donkey-' Martínez (24) and a free kick from Maxi Moralez (59). Goals.

Estudiantes, the champions, ended at the top the standings with 45 points followed by Vélez with 43, Arsenal with 32, River with 31, Racing and Godoy Cruz with 29 and Lanús with 28.

South American Cup: King of Cups is back, Independiente champions

Dec 8, 2010. In the second leg of the final, Independiente beat Goiás 3-1 at Libertadores de América Stadium and then won 5-3 in the penalties shoot-out. Julián Velázquez opened the scoring for the 'Red Devils' (19). Rafael Moura scored the equaliser from a header for Goiás (22) and Parra scored twice (27, 34) to force the shoot-out. Goals. In the penalties, all five Independiente shooters scored: Maxi Velázquez, Parra, Gracián, Matheu and Tuzzio. Felipe missed the third shot for the Brazilian team. Shoot-out.
Independiente not only won the title, but also qualified for Libertadores Cup 2011.

Dec 1. In the first leg, Independiente lost 2-0 to Goiás at Serra Dourada Stadium with goals from Rafael Moura (15) and Otacílio Neto (21). Goals. 'Red Devils' ended with ten: Silvera was sent off at 57th minute.

World Cup is over

Jul 3, 2010. In quarter-finals, Germany hammered Argentina 4-0 with a header from Müller (3), two goals from Klose (68, 89) and one from Friedrich (74). Goals. Argentina lined up: Romero; Otamendi (70, Pastore), Demichelis, Burdisso, Heinze; Maxi Rodríguez, Mascherano, Di María (75 Kun Agüero); Messi, Higuaín, Tévez. Argentine defense slept in the first play of the game and Germany found the game they dreamed from the beginning: counterattack . Argentina didn't have any clear chance of goal in whole game. Messi didn't show and Otamendi played a very forgettable game.

Local championship start on Friday, August 6th.

Jun 27. In eighth-finals, Argentina beat Mexico 3-1 with goals from Tévez in offside (25), 'Pipita' Higuaín (33) after a big mistake from Mexican defender Osorio and Tévez again from 25 metres (52). 'Chicharito' Hernández closed the gap for Mexican team (71). Goals. Argentina lined up: Romero; Otamendi, Demichelis, Burdisso, Heinze; Maxi Rodríguez (87, Pastore), Mascherano, Di María (79, Jonás Gutiérrez); Messi, Higuaín, Tévez (69, Verón). When the game was closed, Argentina could take profit from assistant referee's and Mexican defender's mistakes. Then, with a three goal advantage, they gave the ball to Mexico and coudn't find a good counter-attack. Tévez was the best player and Messi, Maxi and Di María didn't have a good game today.

Jun 22. In the last game of Group B, Argentina beat Greece 2-0 with goals from Demichelis (77) and Palermo (89). Goals. Argentina lined up: Romero; Otamendi, Burdisso, Demichelis, Clemente Rodríguez; Maxi Rodríguez (63, Di María), Bolatti, Verón; Messi, Agüero (76, Pastore), Diego Milito (80 Palermo). Argentina played knowing that the ticket to eighth-finals were almost in the pocket. They had the control of the game during all 90', never got desperate and the substitutions were effective. Greece never looked for the victory.

Jun 17. In the second game of Group B, Argentina hammered South Korea 4-1. Park Chu-Young opened the scoring from an own goal (16) after Messi's free kick from the left. Higuaín extended the advantage from a header (32). Lee Chung-Young closed the gap after Demichelis' mistake (45). First half goals. In second half, Higuaín scored again (76 -offside- and 80 -header-). Second half goals. Argentina lined up: Romero; Jonás Gutiérrez, Demichelis, Samuel (23, Burdisso), Heinze; Maxi Rodríguez, Mascherano, Di María; Higuaín (81, Bolatti), Messi, Tévez (75, Kun Agüero). Jonás Gutiérrez saw the second yellow card and won't play against Greece. Mascherano and Heinze were also cautioned.
Argentina played a great first half, controlling the game without desperation, and made a good difference. But Demichelis' mistake in injury time changed the plans. In second half, Korea had a pair of chances while Argentina was not so sharp and showed some defensive gaps. Kun Agüero gave fresh air to the team and Higuaín could resolve the match. Higuaín was the best player (a hat trick in a World Cup is not so easy).

Jun 12. In the first game of Group B, Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0 with a header from Heinze at 6th minute. Argentina lined up: Romero; Jonás Gutiérrez, Demichelis, Samuel, Heinze; Verón (74th Maxi Rodríguez), Mascherano, Di María (85th Burdisso); Higuaín (79th D.Milito), Messi, Tévez. Argentina looked for the goal from the first minute and found it very early. Then they stayed in the back waiting for the chance of a counter-attack. Messi was the best player, brilliant in the speed dribbling, but no so precise when defining. Jonás Gutiérrez, Higuaín and Di María were the weakest players of a National Team who played better than in Preliminary Round but we still expect more from them.

May 29. The numbers of jerseys for World Cup are confirmed although the official list will be presented to FIFA on June 1st: 1-Pozo (COL), 2-Demichelis (BMU-GER), 3-Clemente Rodríguez (EST), 4-Burdisso (ROM-ITA), 5-Bolatti (FIO-ITA), 6-Heinze (OLI-FRA), 7-Di María (BEN-POR), 8-Verón (EST), 9-Higuaín (RMA-SPA), 10-Messi (BAR-SPA), 11-Tévez (MCI-ENG), 12-Garcé (COL), 13-Samuel (INT-ITA), 14-Mascherano (LIV-ENG), 15-Otamendi (VEL), 16-Kun Agüero (AMA-SPA), 17-Jonás Gutiérrez (NEW-ENG), 18-Palermo (BOC), 19-Diego Milito (INT-ITA), 20-Maxi Rodríguez (LIV-ENG), 21-Andújar (CAT-ITA), 22-Romero (AZA-NED), 23-Pastore (PAL-ITA).

Argentinos Juniors are the Champions

May 16, 2010. In week 19 of the Closing 2010, Argentinos Jrs won 2-1 against Huracán with goals from Mercier (23) and Coria (78). Alan Sánchez closed the gap for the 'Balloon' (88). Goals. 'Little Red Bugs' won their third championship.

Estudiantes hammered Colón 4-1 in Santa Fe but that wasn't enough. Boselli scored a hat trick (11, 22 -header- and 49). Enzo Pérez extended the advantage (54). Curuchet closed the gap for 'Sabaleros' (76). Goals.

Argentinos Jrs, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 41 points followed by Estudiantes with 40, Godoy Cruz with 37, Independiente with 34, Banfield with 32 and Newell's with 30. Opening 2010/11 begin on Friday, August 6th.

You can see the complete schedule, the best transfers report, the relegation standings and the new squads. We have the new section Jerseys and line-ups.

Follow the scores on line.

Club World Cup: Estudiantes runners-up

Dec 19, 2009. In the final of Club World Cup 2009, Estudiantes lost 2-1 to Barcelona in extra time in Abu Dhabi. 'Pinchas' were winning with a header from Boselli at 37th minute but Barça came from behind with a header from Pedro (88) and a goal from Messi, made with his chest (110). Goals.

Dec 15. In semifinals, Estudiantes beat South Korean Pohang Steelers 2-1 with two goals from Benítez (45 -free kick- and 53). Denilson closed the gap for the Korean team. Goals. Korean team ended with eight players.

Banfield Champions !!! Win their first title

Dec 13, 2009. In week 19 of the Opening 2009, Banfield lost 2-0 to Boca at the 'Chocolate Box' Stadium with two goals from Palermo (7 -penalty-, 59). Goals. But they became champions because ...

Newell's also lost 2-0 to San Lorenzo at Parque Independencia with two goals from Bordagaray (10, 67). Goals

Banfield, the champions, ended at the top of the standings with 41 points followed by Newell's with 39 and Colón, Independiente and Vélez with 34. Closing 2009/1010 will start at the end of January.

You can see the complete schedule, the best transfers report, the relegation standings and the new squads. We have the new section Jerseys and line-ups.

Follow the scores on line.

Libertadores Cup: Estudiantes champions of America

Jul 15, 2009. In the second leg of the final, Estudiantes won 2-1 against Cruzeiro at the Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte and they became champions of the Libertadores Cup for the fourth time in their history. They started losing with goal from Henrique at 52nd minute but they came from behind with goal from 'Gata -Pussycat-' Fernández (57) and a header from Boselli (73). Goals. In December, 'Pinchas' will play in the Club World Cup in United Arab Emirates with Barcelona and Mexican Atlante.

Jul 8. In the first leg, Estudiantes drew 0-0 with Cruzeiro in La Plata.

Vélez are the champions

Jul 5, 2009. In the last week of Closing 2009, Vélez won 1-0 against Huracán with goal from Maxi Moralez at 83rd minute and won the championship for the 7th time in their history. The 'Balloon' keeper, Monzón, had saved a penalty shot by Rodrigo López at 26th. Highlights including partial suspension because of hail, saved penalty, goal and celebration.

Vélez ended at the top of the standings with 40 points followed by Huracán and Lanús with 38 and Colón with 34. For relegation play-offs, on Wednesday, Rosario Central visit Belgrano. On Thursday, Gimnasia LP visit Atlético Rafaela.

Opening 2009/10 will start on Friday, August 14th. Fixtures were announced on Tuesday 21. You can see the complete schedule, the best transfers report, the relegation standings and the new squads. We have the new section Jerseys.

Follow the scores on line.

Olympic Games: Gold medal again !

Aug 23, 2008. In the final, Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0 with goal from Di María at 57th, chipping the ball over the goalkeeper after pass from Messi. Argentina lined up: Romero; Zabaleta, Garay, Pareja, Monzón; Mascherano, Gago; Messi (92nd Lavezzi), Riquelme; Di María (88th Banega), Agüero (79th Sosa). Argentina won the gold medal for second time in a row.

Aug 19. In semifinals, Argentina hammered Brazil 3-0 with two goals from Kun Agüero at 52nd and 57th after crosses from Di María and Garay and one penalty from Riquelme at 75th. Goals. Argentina lined up: Romero; Zabaleta, Garay, Pareja, Monzón; Mascherano, Gago; Messi, Riquelme (90th Sosa); Di María, Agüero. First half was levelled but in second half Argentina found spaces after the goals, Brazil lost control, ended with nine -Lucas and Thiago Neves saw the red card-, and the game ended in a historic victory.

Jul 31. The list with numbers for the Olympic Games in August from 7 to 23 was confirmed: 1-Ustari (GET-SPA), 2-Garay (RMA-SPA), 3-Fabián Monzón (BOC), 4-Zabaleta (ESP-SPA), 5-Gago (RMA-SPA), 6-Federico Fazio (SEV-SPA), 7-Sosa (BMU-GER), 8-Éver Banega (VAL-SPA), 9-Lavezzi (NAP-ITA), 10-Riquelme (BOC), 11-Di María (BEN-POR), 12-Pareja (AND-BEL), 13-Lautaro Acosta (SEV-SPA), 14-Mascherano (LIV-ENG), 15-Messi (BAR-SPA), 16-Kun Agüero (ATM-SPA), 17-Buonanotte (RIV), 18-Sergio Romero (ALK-NED), 22-Nicolás Navarro (NAP-ITA).

South American Cup: Arsenal champions

Dec 5, 2007. In the second leg of the final, Arsenal lost 2-1 to América at Racing Stadium but they became champions thanks to away goals. They were losing with goals from Christian Díaz -own goal- at 17th and Silva at 62nd and the cup was travelling to Mexico. But Andrizzi scored at 83rd and gave the first title to Arsenal.

Nov 30. In the first leg, Arsenal beat América 3-2 at México. They started losing with goal from Cabañas at 5th. Matellán scored the equaliser from a header at 31st. Argüello put the Mexican team ahead again at 53rd and "Papu" Gómez turned the score around with two goals at 56th and 65th. Arsenal ended with ten: Casteglione was sent off at 80th.

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Historic third place for Los Pumas

Oct 19, 2007. Argentine rugby national team, Los Pumas, beat France 34-10 in the match for the third place of the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France. It was the best place for Los Pumas in the World Cups history.
South Africa had won the semifinal 37-13. In quarter-finals, Los Pumas beat Scotland 19-13. Los Pumas had won their four games of the group D: 17-12 over France, 33-3 over Georgia, 63-3 over Namibia and 30-15 over Ireland.

World Cup U-20: Argentina hexachampions

Jul 22, 2007. In the final match of U-20 World Cup at Canada, Argentina beat Czech Republic 2-1 at Toronto and became champions for the sixth time in their history (1979, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2005). They started losing with goal from Fenin at 60th but they came back with goals from Kun Agüero at 62nd and Mauro Zárate at 85th. Argentina lined up: Romero; Mercado, Fazio, Sigali, Insúa; Sánchez, Banega, Piatti (80th Acosta), Moralez (92nd Cabral); M.Zárate, Kun Agüero.

The squad is: 1-Sergio Romero (RAC), 2-Federico Fazio (SEV-SPA), 3-Emiliano Insúa (LIV-ENG), 4-Gabriel Mercado (RAC), 5-Éver Banega (BOC), 6-Matías Cahais (BOC), 7-Claudio Yacob (RAC), 8-Matías Sánchez (RAC), 9-Mauro Zárate (VEL), 10-Sergio Agüero (ATM-SPA), 11-Damián Escudero (VEL), 12-Javier García (BOC), 13-Germán Voboril (SLO), 14-Leonardo Sigali (NCH), 15-Alejandro Cabral (VEL), 16-Alejandro Gómez (ARS), 17-Maxi Morález (RAC), 18-Ángel Di María (ROS), 19-Pablo Piatti (EST), 20-Lautaro Acosta (LAN), 21-Bruno Centeno (SLO).

Jan 28. Argentina qualified for Olympic Games Beijing 2008 (with Brazil) and for Youth World Cup Canada 2007 (with Brazil, Uruguay and Chile).

Libertadores Cup: Boca champions for sixth time

Jun 20, 2007. In the second leg of the finals, Boca won 2-0 over Gremio at Porto Alegre with goals from Riquelme at 68th and 80th and won Libertadores Cup for sixth time in their history.

Jun 13. In the first leg, Boca hammered Gremio 3-0 with goals from Palacio at 18th after Palermo's cross from the left, Riquelme at 73rd - free kick, Morel touched the ball and Román shot- and and own goal from Patrício at 88th after Ledesma's header.

End of dream after shoot-out

Jun 30, 2006. In quarter-finals Argentina lost 4-2 to Germany on the penalties shoot-out at Berlin. The match had ended 1-1. Ayala opened the scoring from a header at 49th after Riquelme's corner-kick from the right. Klose, also from a header, scored the equaliser at 80th. In the penalties shoot-out, Alemania scored four; in Argentina, Cruz scored, Ayala got his shot saved, Maxi Rodríguez scored and Lehmann saved Cambiasso's shot. Argentina lined up Abbondanzieri (71st Leo Franco -Pato was injured-); Coloccini, Ayala, Heinze, Sorín; Lucho González, Mascherano, Maxi Rodríguez, Riquelme (72nd Cambiasso); Tévez, Crespo (78th Cruz). Argentina had control of the ball during first half and Germany after first Argentine goal. Argentina had two scoring chances from counterattack but couldn't take profit of them. In extra-time, Argentina suffered the substitutions and were not deep in attack, even though they had the ball during second half of extra time.

Jun 24. In eighth-finals, at Leipzig, Argentina beat Mexico 2-1 in extra time. Rafa Márquez opened the scoring for the Mexican team at 5th and Crespo scored the equaliser at 10th after a corner-kick shot by Riquelme from the right. In extra time, at 98th, Maxi Rodríguez received an air pass, stopped the ball with his chest out of corner of the area on the right, and shot high with his left foot before the ball touched the ground to the opposite angle of the goalkeeper. Argentina line up: Abbondanzieri; Scaloni, Ayala, Heinze, Sorín; Maxi Rodríguez, Mascherano, Cambiasso (76th Aimar), Riquelme; Saviola (84th Messi), Crespo (75th Tévez). Mexico had a very good start, played better than Argentina and deserved a bit more in first half. In second half, Mexico defended more but Argentina only had two clear goal chances. Argentina didn't play well but could take advantage thanks to a great shot.

Jun 21. In the third match of Group C in Frankfurt, Argentina and Netherlands ended in a scoreless draw. Argentina lined up: Abbondanzieri; Burdisso (24th Coloccini), Ayala, Milito, Cufré; Maxi Rodríguez, Mascherano, Cambiasso, Riquelme (80th Aimar); Tévez, Messi (70th Cruz). Argentina looked for the victory a bit more than the Netherlands but they were not as effective in the area as in previous games. It was not necessary to take many risks because we have to play again in three days for the final rounds.

Jun 16. In the second match of Group C in Genselkirchen, Argentina hammered Serbia & Montenegro 6-0. At halftime they were winning 3-0 with goals from Maxi Rodríguez at 6th after pass from Saviola from the left; Cambiasso at 31st, great goal after great team play with a wall pass between Cuchu and Crespo's backheels pass; and Maxi Rodríguez again at 41st shooting from the left to correct a Saviola's shot from the right which Serbian defense had saved. In second half, Crespo scored at 78th after Messi's pass from the left, Tévez extended the advantage at 84th dribbling on the left with two tunnels to the defenders and Messi closed the scoring at 88th. Lucho González got injured. Argentina lined up: Abbondanzieri; Burdisso, Ayala, Heinze, Sorín; Mascherano, Lucho González (17th Cambiasso), Maxi Rodríguez (75th Messi), Riquelme; Saviola (59th Tévez), Crespo. Argentina were very effective in first half and during second half they took advantage of Serbia keeping the 0-3 and played at excellent level with many skill plays.

Jun 10. In the first match at Hamburg, Argentina won 2-1 over Cote d'Ivoire. Crespo scored the first goal at 24th after a free kick from Riquelme from the left and rebound in the defense. Saviola extended the advantage at 38th after a great pass from Riquelme that let him alone with the goalkeeper. Drogba closed the gap at 82nd.
During first half Cote d'Ivoire had more possesion of the ball and attacked more but Argentina could take profit of their chances. Good job of our National Team defense. In the second half, Argentina controlled the game in the first twenty minutes and when Pekerman took Crespo out, the African team began to attack but they only could close the gap. Argentina lined up: Abbondanzieri; Burdisso, Ayala, Heinze, Sorín; Mascherano, Cambiasso, Maxi Rodríguez, Riquelme (92nd Aimar); Saviola (76th Luis González), Crespo (64th Palacio).

May 15. Pekerman confirmed the final squad: 1-Abbondanzieri, 2-Ayala, 3-Sorín, 4-Coloccini, 5-Cambiasso, 6-Heinze, 7-Saviola, 8-Mascherano, 9-Crespo, 10-Riquelme, 11-Tévez, 12-Leo Franco, 13-Scaloni, 14-Palacio, 15-Gabriel Milito, 16-Aimar, 17-Cufré, 18-Maxi Rodríguez, 19-Messi, 20-Cruz, 21-Burdisso, 22-Luis González, 23-Ustari.

U-20: Argentina penta-champions

Jul 2, 2005. In the final, of the U-20 World Championship 2005 at Netherlands, Argentina beat Nigeria 2-1. Messi opened the scoring from a penalty at 40th. Ogbuke scored the equaliser at 53th. Messi gave the championship to Argentina from another penalty at 75th. Argentina lined up: Ustari; Barroso, Garay, Paletta, Fórmica; Zabaleta, Torres, Gago (71st Biglia), Archubi (60th Armenteros); Messi, Oberman (56th Agüero).
It was the fifth championship after Japan '79, Qatar '95, Malaysia '97 and Argentina '01.

The squad is: 1-Oscar Ustari (IND), 2-Gustavo Cabral (RAC), 3-Lautaro Formica (NEW), 4-Julio Barroso (BOC), 5-Juan Manuel Torres (RAC), 6-Gabriel Paletta (BAN), 7- Lucas Biglia (IND), 8-Pablo Zabaleta (SLO), 9-Pablo Vitti (ROS), 10-Patricio Pérez (VEL), 11-Emiliano Armenteros (BAN), 12-Nereo Champagne (SLO), 13-Ezequiel Garay (NEW), 14-David Abraham (IND), 15-Rodrigo Archubi (LAN), 16-Neri Cardozo (BOC), 17-Fernando Gago (BOC), 18-Lionel Messi (BAR-SPA), 19-Sergio Agüero (IND), 20-Gustavo Oberman (ARG), 21-Nicolas Navarro (ARG).

Olympic Gold for Argentina

Aug 28, 2004. In the final of the Olympic Games Athens 2004, Argentina beat Paraguay 1-0. Tévez, top scorer of the tournament with 8 goals, scored the only goal at 17th after Rosales' cross from the right to the near post. Argentina lined up: Lux; Coloccini, Ayala, Heinze; Lucho González, Mascherano, Kily González, D'Alessandro; Rosales, Tévez, Delgado (75th Clemente Rodríguez). Argentina was the best team of the tournament with 17 goals for and 0 goals against and deserved to bring a gold medal to Argentina after 52 years.

Jul 20. Squad winner of Gold Medal at the Olympic Games: 1-Wilfredo Caballero, 2-Ayala, 3-Burdisso, 4-Coloccini, 5-Mascherano, 6-Heinze, 7-Saviola, 8-César Delgado, 9-Figueroa, 10-Tévez, 11-Kily González, 12-Mauro Rosales, 13-Nicolás Medina, 14-Clemente Rodríguez, 15-D'Alessandro, 16-Lucho González, 17-Mariano González, 18-Germán Lux, 19-Leandro Fernández.

Olympic Gold in Basketball

Aug 28, 2004. In the basketball final game of the Olympic Games Athens 2004, Argentina beat Italy 84-69 and won the second gold medal in the Games. Scola was the top scorer with 25 points. In semifinals, Argentina had won 89-81 over the USA Dream Team with 29 points from Ginóbili.

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These are the Olympic Gold Medalist: 4-Pepe Sánchez, 5-Emanuel Ginóbili, 6-Alejandro Montecchia, 7-Fabricio Oberto, 8-Walter Herrmann, 9-Gabriel Fernández, 10-Hugo Sconochini, 11-Luis Scola, 12-Leonardo Gutiérrez, 13-Andrés Nocioni, 14-Carlos Delfino, 15-Rubén Wolkowyski.

Vivas to the Hall of Fame

Oct 17. Inter defender, Nelson Vivas, was the most voted star with 315 votes. You can see his personal profile. Artime may be the winner of the current poll (Nov 5) and Manso may win the following one (Nov 22). The stars who received most votes this week were: Tévez, Abreu, Cavenaghi, Comizzo and Chori Domínguez. We invite you to vote for your favourite players and take part in the final decision.

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Homage to Diego

Nov 10, 2001. The homage to Diego Maradona took place at the Chocolate Box Stadium with 50.000 people attending. Our National Team with Maradona beat the Stars Team 6-3. Argentina lined up Burgos (45th Cavallero); Zanetti, Ayala (45th Pochettino), Samuel (45th Berizzo); Sorín (45th Placente), Almeyda (45th C.Husaín), Verón (45th Castromán), Maradona, Aimar; Claudio López (45th Cruz), Kily González.

Stars: Oscar Córdoba (45th Carini(60th Higuita)); Ciro Ferrara, Bermúdez, Iván Córdoba (45th Lothar Mattheus), Gamarra; Solano, Riquelme (45th Recoba (60th Aguilera)), Valderrama, Francescoli (45th Leo Rodríguez); Stoichkov (45th Cantona), Suker (60th Careca).

Scorers for Argentina: Claudio López (16th), Aimar (48th, 87th), Maradona (61st, 90th penalties) and Castromán (75th). For the Stars: Suker (29th), Cantona (77th) and Higuita -penalty- (89th).

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