Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 11:50 PM

Squad - Scorers

Group 7 09-Mar Nacional H0-1
Group 7 16-Mar Chapecoense A3-1
Group 7 18-Apr At. Zulia H5-0
Group 7 27-Apr At. Zulia A1-1
Group 7 17-May Chapecoense H3-0
Group 7 23-May Nacional A1-0
Eighth-finals 06-Jul The Strongest A1-1
Eighth-finals (2nd leg) 08-Aug The Strongest H1-0
Quarters 13-Sep San Lorenzo A0-2
Quarters (2nd leg) 21-Sep San Lorenzo H2-0
Semifinal 24-Oct River Plate A0-1
Semifinal (2nd leg) 31-Oct River Plate H4-2
Final 22-Nov Grêmio A0-1
Final (2nd leg) 29-Nov Grêmio H1-2